Avoda Arts is proud to partner with Facing History and Ourselves, the renowned organization that helps students learn about anti-Semitism, racism and prejudice so they can prevent it from hapening in the future. Our dramatic short film, PIGEON, continues to be a featured resource of Facing History's unique lending library, which reaches a network of more than 90,000 educators worldwide.


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Why are the arts important in Jewish education? How does integrating the arts make a difference in the practice of teaching and the process of learning? How can the arts transform curriculum and help us meet the ongoing challenges of Jewish education?

As an increasing number of Jewish educators are discovering, an arts-based approach to teaching and learning:

  • Facilitates imaginative, personally relevant forms of expression
  • Contributes to the development of stronger classroom communities
  • Respects different learning styles
  • Fosters critical and creative thinking skills
  • Builds bridges to the larger Jewish community
  • Helps generate a dynamic, cohesive curriculum

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