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Creating Commentary

Creating Commentary offers students an in-depth opportunity to study Jewish concepts and themes through the creative arts. A comprehensive interdisciplinary approach focused around the concept of "covenant" the course explores the ways in which painting, sculpture, music, film, literature, and theatre can illuminate aspects of Jewish faith, tradition, and history.

Audience: College.

The course is in the process of being adapted for high school. Please check back soon.

Learning goals

Through readings, discussion, art analysis, personal reflection, hands-on art-making, visits to cultural institutions, and meetings with artists, students will:

  • Gain a vocabulary for discussing, debating, and struggling with personally relevant issues in contemporary Jewish thought and practice,
  • Access Jewish content through traditional Jewish texts and literary sources,
  • Explore the diversity of Jewish practice as it varies along ideological and geographical-historical lines,
  • Pursue the question, what does it mean to create Jewish art? and examine a broad range of artists who grapple with this question in their own work,
  • Interpret, critique, challenge, and make new meaning from traditional Jewish texts and practices through their art.

Curriculum Structure

Creating Commentary is designed as a college level course. Although the curriculum is organized roughly as a semester-long project, teachers are encouraged to adapt and modify the lessons and materials to their needs and the needs of their students.


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