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Objects of the Spirit

For three decades, artist Tobi Kahn has been making ceremonial objects that capture the relationship between artistic and religious traditions. Objects of the Spirit uses Kahn’s work as a stimulus for exploring Jewish rituals, identity, and tradition.

Audience: Middle and High school.

Learning Goals

This curriculum guide is designed to actively engage students in an investigation of Jewish practice. Through art projects, class discussions, guided looking, group work, and reflection exercises, students will:

  • Gain new perspectives on Shabbat, holiday, lifecycle, family, and community observances in Jewish life,
  • Learn the halakhic (legal) requirements of many Jewish ritual practices,
  • Relate to ritual and ritual objects in personally meaningful ways,
  • Study texts related to Jewish observance,
  • Explore basic concepts in art and art history,
  • Express themselves creatively through the visual arts, and
  • Conduct research to learn how ritual is an important part of all cultures, including Judaism.

Curriculum Structure

The curriculum fits naturally into Judaic Studies and/or art classes, but schools should feel free to involve whichever teachers and subjects they feel are most appropriate. Although the curriculum is organized roughly as a semester-long project, teachers are encouraged to adapt and modify the lessons and materials to their needs and the needs of their students. For example, a congregational school may choose to extend the curriculum and related art assignments across the full academic year.

Curriculum Components

  • Professional Training Program, to review conceptual approach, model specific lessons and review learning materials.
  • 181-page Curriculum Guide with comprehensive lesson plans, student worksheets, sample texts for students to study (in both English & Hebrew), glossaries, annotated bibliography of selected books and websites.
  • High-quality color images (on CD) of Kahn’s work.
  • Copy of Objects of the Spirit: Ritual and the Art of Tobi Kahn, a hardcover reference book exploring the topic of ritual through the lens of Kahn’s artwork.
  • Set of 8 Discovery Cards, colorful classroom learning tools that provide additional information about Jewish rituals and traditions.
  • Ongoing Implementation Support to address and resolve specific challenges/concerns.


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