Avoda Arts is proud to partner with Facing History and Ourselves, the renowned organization that helps students learn about anti-Semitism, racism and prejudice so they can prevent it from hapening in the future. Our dramatic short film, PIGEON, continues to be a featured resource of Facing History's unique lending library, which reaches a network of more than 90,000 educators worldwide.


Reel Learning

Our Goal

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To make film easier and more meaningful to use than ever before. Jewish educators, and parents, are looking to engage their participants and children with learning that incorporates the invaluable "big idea" lessons of Judaism with exciting new contemporary media and technology. Avoda Arts developed the RL series with the belief that film is both artistic and inspirational, as well as an effective educational tool that speaks to both youth and adult audiences. The demand for something new and innovative has compelled us to the frontlines of Jewish creativity in filmmaking.

Educational Short Film Series

The goal of the RL series is to provide educational material and content that is compelling, accessible, artistic, and thought-provoking. At the same time, we recognize the importance of promoting and fostering a community of young Jewish filmmakers. That is why a portion of each film sale goes back to the filmmakers whose creative voices provide us with the very stories that continue to invigorate the study of Judaism.


The short films in the series explore a range of Jewish topics and themes, from values and ethics, to history and politics, to identity and traditions. Bundled with educator resource guides, each film sparks meaningful connections to Jewish learning, builds critical thinking skills and introduces participants to media literacy concepts. Just as important, RL showcases some of the best independent Jewish filmmakers from around the world.

Our guides provide background information for each film, discussion questions, extension activities, text study, bibliographies and internet links, and were designed with an eye towards curricular compatability, and flexibility and creativity of use in any number of formal or informal educational settings.

Film Production Workshop

What better way to engage students than providing them with the opportunity to work together to write, film and direct their own short films. Part of Reel Learning's mission is to offer schools and community organizations the opportunity to work with us to bring a film-production workshop to your students that will teach them the basics of film production (cinematography, editing, and screenwriting) all within a Jewish-learning context. This experiential, hands-on workshop is an ideal way to use the transformative power of film to inspire today's Jewish youth.


*Please note that Avoda Arts has suspended the organizing of Film Production Workshops starting January 1, 2009.

Professional Development

We provide intensive teacher-training opportunities to help Jewish educators sharpen their facilitation and media literacy skills, enrich their teaching with imaginative activities, and more effectively guide the creative voices of their students.