Avoda Arts is proud to partner with Facing History and Ourselves, the renowned organization that helps students learn about anti-Semitism, racism and prejudice so they can prevent it from hapening in the future. Our dramatic short film, PIGEON, continues to be a featured resource of Facing History's unique lending library, which reaches a network of more than 90,000 educators worldwide.


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Creating Commentary: Curriculum


Creating Commentary Curriculum

Creating CommentaryCreating Commentary offers participants an in-depth opportunity to study Jewish concepts and themes through the creative arts. An interdisciplinary approach focuses on the ways in which painting, sculpture, music, film, literature, and theatre explore aspects of Jewish faith, tradition, and history.

The concept of “covenant” provides the thematic focus for this program. Through text study, group discussion, art analysis, hands-on art making, and personal reflection, participants experience how different artistic modes inform their own ideas about Jewish life.


  • 104-page curriculum guide, with comprehensive lesson plans and student worksheets.

  • Companion art cards

  • Teacher training and ongoing implementations support

Visit the Creating Commentary page for more details.